Take the perfect event selfie

By Peta Serras

Learning how to take the perfect event selfie is one thing every business owner and entrepreneur needs to learn. Not only are good photos much more likely to get a repost, but you're showcasing your brand and your business in the best possible light. You never want to look back with regret on photos taken and be reluctant to post them, so work out these key tips to create event selfies and photos you love! 

1. Use the event hashtag 

Most events these days have a particular hashtag used to identify it. It's a great way to connect with people afterwards, especially if you didn't get to speak with someone on the day just by liking and commenting on their photos! But note, due to new instagram rules hashtagging old photos won't bump them to the top of the list. So include your hashtags shortly after posting the photo to get it noticed! 

2. Find the light 

One way to ruin an amazing snap is by facing the wrong way and having your back to the light. You never want the background of your photo to be brighter than the star - you! So always make sure you're facing the brightest part of the room. I've used a bright TV screen before and even the light from an ATM to create an amazing photo! Also remember overhead lighting creates unnecessary dark circles that nobody wants. 


3. Take at least 3 photos 

There's nothing worse than taking a photo with someone you've wanted to for ages to have you blinking in your selfie. I will always take three and usually out of that bunch there's a snap everyone's happy with. 


4. Work out your good side and signature pose prior 

Taking photos and selfies are much easier when you know how to pose in your snaps. When you're doing your makeup for the event I find it helpful to practice your poses in the mirror. We all have a side that's our 'good' side in photos. So work that out and practice playing around with your signature pose or smile! Practice makes perfect and it becomes second nature after a while, making for easy photo taking. 


5. Have fun 

If you're nervous in your photos it will come across. And if you're excited and happy to be there it will shine out of your eyes like glitter! Everything could be in your favour with selfie; the light is brilliant, your outfit is amazing and you're able to take a photo with the star of the event, so make sure to think happy thoughts when the photo is taken! There's nothing better than when people view the photo and they can tell how much fun you're having and will be totally envious they weren't there!

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Peta Serras is a Pilates instructor, business owner, writer, model and fulltime Professional Babe.