Give Your Events a First Class Upgrade

By Emma Veiga-Malta

At EHM, we love a beautiful stage. It sets the tone for your event and not only enhances the experience for your guests, but also serves as the perfect background for social media pics! This month we asked Emma Veiga-Malta from Bespoke Backdrops to give you the low down on custom backdrops that can be used on stage and then again on screen - so handy when you also take videos or pics for your business in between events.

Emma had a 17 year career in art and design, with clients ranging from Vogue Living to Pommery Champagne, from solopreneurs to corporates and she has a cracking eye for making life and business more beautiful so she was the perfect lady to speak to about this. Take it away Emma!

First Class Upgrade: Take your event’s branding and visual identity to new heights with a custom backdrop

We live in a visual, online world where we share pictures of everything we do. Social media has made our tastes and expectations quite sophisticated.

Everything from Instagram to YouTube, from our business newsletters to our Facebook page is all about the perfect shot, the ideal setting, the best image.  Visual identity is real currency.

Which why you really need to think about the styling of your event. 

People expect to see beautifully styled events with something striking to capture their attention and imagination.  Gone are the days of generic venues and generic set-ups. Being on brand and visually appealing is a business essential. Think of your event as one big photo opportunity.  

Imagine your guests taking and sharing cool photos at your event and having your visual identity and branding shining out from them?

Have you thought of using a media wall or backdrop for your event, where guests can pose for photos or as a stage set for your presentation? Forget those boring, repeat logo or a bland stock photo that you see at every other event. 

Think imaginatively beyond that - a truly bespoke, hand-designed backdrop that reflects your brand and your message; designed and created exclusively for you and your business.

How can you use a custom backdrop?
-     On the red carpet to set the tone & welcome your guests.
-     Photo opportunity location
-     On stage as a set backdrop
-     To showcase your products
-    As a video/webinar backdrop after the event

And remember that beautiful, interesting photos are hashtagged and go viral. Make your event photogenic and people will spread the word about your event and your business to their wider community.  

It’s all about making your event looking the absolute best it can be. 

You know that personal presentation is as important as your message; you carefully select your wardrobe and makeup to project the right image. Extend that to your event styling; think of what you, your guests and your venue will look like together on photos, on videos and in your marketing efforts. 

Like a stunning dress and shoes, a custom backdrop instantly upgrades your image.  Well thought-out personal presentation plus a great backdrop will improve your message and communicate who you are and why your business matters.

So remember: Look for a backdrop that can be carefully (and exclusively!) designed for you that you can re-use for your videos, e-courses, vlogs and future events. 
And use your backdrop with a co-ordinating chair or two. Create a polished set with a chair upholstered in fabric that matches your backdrop. 

If you’d like to hear more from Emma and learn some quick and easy tips about improving your visual identity and branding at your event or on video, then hop on over HERE. Thanks Emma!