The 3 Key Elements of Stage Styling

By EHM Feature Writer Eliska Lam Chan-Siy

Hosting events for your business is a great way to market, network and engage your guests. You can think of it as a movie premiere, your business will experience the hype, you will be the star and your name (or in this case - your business) is going to be going for the Oscars!

There are plenty of things to think of when hosting an event but the most important thing is knowing which element makes the strongest impact translating your message to your audience. And one of the key elements is the main stage. It is the one thing that your guests will be looking at for the whole event and will be taking lots of photos of. So it is important to keep the style consistent with your brand but you can also make it seasonal which makes your guests feel that they are in the right place and the right time.

Here are my 3 key elements for effective stage styling:

Color // Don't go far from your business logo. There is a reason why you chose the colors for your business so that should translate to any event that you do. It speaks a lot about you and your brand which helps your audience relate to your event easily. Use florals, linens or even props to add that bit of your personality onto the stage.

Size // Depending on the venue, consider height and width when looking into styling. A great tip is to sit where your guests will be seated and create the vision from there. You want the stage to fall within the sight lines of the stage. A beautiful backdrop is the most effective way to draw attention to you or the speaker.

Composition //  Think of how you or your guest speakers will be moving. Are they going to be standing in the one place, moving around or sitting down panel style? Be smart about using the space that you have. If you are showing video presentations, allow space for where the projector screen will be and frame it beautifully with floral arrangements on stands.  If your guests are mostly seated, you can utilise a coffee table with a floral arrangement as your main décor.


To sum it up, your stage design should:

- Suggest the style and tone of the whole event

- Create the ambience that you would like your guest to feel thoughout the event

- Offer the possibility of a backdrop for amazing photos during and after the event


Happy Styling! 


Set Styling by Ruffles & Bells  // Florals by Lulu Bird  // Photography by Fi Mims Photography & Hello Darling // Event Management by Event Head