Meet the Maker // Ngoc Le from The Dessert Parlour

By EHM Editor Jade McKenzie

Today we sit down and speak with Ngoc Le, Founder of The Dessert Parlour.

The Dessert Parlour strive to create simple, charming yet delectable desserts, to keep you coming back for more. They take pride in the attention to detail: from the fresh flowers beautifully placed on top of the cake, down to the smallest sprinkle on a cupcake.

Their gorgeous desserts have been featured on Style Me Pretty, The Wedding Notebook, Amy Atlas, The Lane and in Australia’s biggest wedding magazine Bride To Be, and have been enjoyed at events with Tyson Beckford, Collabosaurus, SeekerLoverDreamer, Nintendo and TopShop Australia. TDP has definitely got the goods!


How did you find yourself exploring food as a career?

I always have loved food, growing up and being surrounded by asian food. I particularly had a sweet tooth, and even though I didn't realise at the time, my sweet tooth eventually led me to this business of the Dessert Parlour.

What do you love the most about creating food and desserts for events? 

I'm all about creating different textures and flavours. The thing I love most though is the last process of creating the desserts, which is the decorating! I believe that food and desserts should look beautiful and the taste should be just as delicious. 

How do you believe food impacts on the quality and the enjoyment of an event?

Food has a major role in any event as it is usually one of the key things that guests will remember at the end. It could even have an influence on whether the event was a success or not! An event should be cater to all senses: visual, sound, touch, smell and taste.


What do you see as being the biggest trend in desserts coming into the next six months?

Donuts have been the rave this year and I think it will go on for awhile. Mini desserts at events will still a big thing for awhile, with macarons and classic pastries making a comeback. In terms of cakes the naked cake phenomenon will still be seen in 2016, but also there has been a forecast of bold colours and blacks & metallics. It also looks like timeless elegant cakes (think 1950's) will be big next year too.

What should event organisers look for in a caterer? 

Listen to word of mouth recommendations as no amount of advertising will replace a good recommendation.

Schedule a tasting, but keep in mind that there is a difference in quality providing food for 10 people and food for 300, so research what sort of events they usually cater for and what their speciality is, and see if it matches your event.

Double check about on and off site catering and what is better for your venue. I also think it is important to enquire about food freshness as there are some caterers that may use frozen products but will still charge you just the same price.

Lastly, usually what you pay is what you get. Asking for a low price may sometimes mean you will get less quality food.


Ok I'm off to put in my order for one of EVERYTHING on her menu! You can check out The Dessert Parlour and contact Ngoc HERE.