Top 5 Secret Tips for Social Media Sharing at Your Next Event

By Christine Rose Elle

There’s no need to have a squad of “it girls” to help you dominate on social media. I have a few simple tips to help you increase engagement, connect with friends, and establish authority in your niche at your next event.
Having a simple social media strategy going into an event, allows you to feel present in the moment, while capturing and sharing key moments that create connection and credibility.
We all know that fussy, complicated plans never work. So, I have honed down some essential tips that will have you socializing in person with all the grace of Audrey Hepburn, while blowing up social media like Kylie Jenner. Ok, well maybe not quite like that…but still.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for Social Media Sharing at Events:

1. Model your sharing for Instagram.

Instagram is kind of a one-stop shop of social sharing that allows you to automatically share on Facebook and Twitter. Share it once with a wide reach by adding tags and hashtags to your photos. That way your posts will reach more people and be searchable.

2. Focus on photos of people

Don't get me wrong, photos of table decor and whatever cocktail you might be imbibing in are delightful. But let's face it. It's more fun to see yourself and your friends in photos than it is to relive the amazing centerpieces. Plus photos of people create higher engagement with more comments and shares.

3. Take photos to share later

Nothing wrong with sharing after the fact. It gives you time to edit, add fun quotes, and be more impactful with what you post. You can maximize sharing by creating a blog post with your images about the event, and if you want some extra credit, pin your post to Pinterest. 

4. Take video footage on your phone

You can create GIFs or short YouTube videos with snippets of the keynote speaker, girls in pretty dresses, the yummy dessert bar, the hot bartender…. the list goes on. Footage can be easily edited together with iMovie on your phone complete with music and voice over. It's a great way to share the event and promote your business after the action is long over.

5. Keep it mellow

We all know the girl who is glued to her phone during live events, and even though she is probably live tweeting or some such, it looks like she is bored as hell. Get in and out like a ninja then put your phone away. After all, the whole point of getting together for a live event is to be social with real people in real time.

Having a simple plan of attack for your social media sharing can make you the belle of the ball at your next event both in person and online. 

All photo credits belong to Katya Nicholas Photography