Renegade Collective Olsen Art Experience

Have you picked up a copy of Collective magazine yet?  

No - Walk out the door right now and pick up a copy. You won't regret it. (I'm not kidding... go now).

Ok, now we've sorted that out I can tell you about the amazing event myself and Rhiannon from The Wellbeing Web went to called the Olsen Art Experience.

 I like art in that it inspires me, makes me go ooooohhhh and actually has me still and silent (well, maybe not so silent) for a few moments while I appreciate its beauty so I was excited to go to this event and up my 'culture'. 

After a warm welcome at Spoonbill Restaurant we eased into the night with friendly chatter in an intimate crowd. Then moving on into the hotel we started the art tour. In only one night, in house curator for the Olsen, Jane O'Neil, taught me more about art than I ever bothered to learn in my years at high school. Her amazingly detailed and flawless explanations of each piece had me stunned and wanting to see and hear more as we explored the hotel.

After visiting the key pieces and learning how art is integrated in each of the rooms, we spent the rest of the evening in the gorgeous John Olsen penthouse with our gracious hosts Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Messenger and Marketing Manager, Claire Belbeck. Add some champagne, canapés and one of the prettiest views of Melbourne and Rhiannon and I decided we didn't want to leave!  

The team at Renegade Collective know how to put on a beautiful event and it was great to feel like the pages of the magazine had come alive for one night for us to enjoy.