FRAU Jewellery Launch at Lucky Penny

The gorgeous Helen Reizer of HRPR always spoils me with lovely invitations to such fun events around Melbourne. After a few weeks hiatus, I got back out into the circuit with the FRAU Jewellery Launch at the Lucky Penny on Chapel Street on Tuesday night.

With a photography exhibition from Jackson Thomas from The Voice 2014 and 10% of the sale proceeds going to the Cancer Council, it was a fabulous way to celebrate stylist Kate Bollard's exciting new line.


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The Connection Documentary World Premiere

Last night, my lovely photographer Kate Di Blasi and I attended the world premiere of The Connection documentary, The Connection reveals that modern science is proving there's a connection between your mind and body when it comes to your health. The film features world leading scientists and doctors, as well as remarkable true stories of people adding mind body medicine to their prescription and recovering from chronic illness. If you have an interest in the mind body connection, this is well worth seeing. Well done Shannon Harvey on a fabulous doco.


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Anna Campbell 'Forever Entwined' Bridal Collection and Style Hire Launch

I am definitely a girly girl so when I walked into the Anna Campbell launch last Thursday with my gal pals Eliska from Ruffles and Bells and Sue from Red Temple Events, I almost keeled over with all that prettiness in that one room.

From the decadent desserts by the always amazing Sweet Empire to the gorgeous models wearing the new collection, everything was just perfect. Packed to the rafters, it was definitely the place to be and for very good reason. You just need to look at the photos below to see why Anna Campbell is such a revered name in the bridal industry.


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One Fine Day Wedding Fair

Aww love is in the air ♥. This wedding fair is ten kinds of awesome with the most beautiful vendors showing off their wares in spectacular style. I have to admit, I'm not partial to those big bridal fairs that can feel very full on and sometimes very overwhelming so this was more my style. It was elegant, stylish, forward thinking and all embracing. Basically, it's bridal bliss incorporating an array of gorgeous and friendly vendors, welcome drinks and nibbles (hello gelati!), runway shows, stylist appointments and even a sweet bridesmaids corner. Even though I am already married, I am looking forward to the next one!


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Hello Melbourne - Oh Happy Day Comes Down Under

Can you imagine the excitement I felt when I heard from my gorgeous friend Mel that The Blog Society was hosting a bloggers party featuring Jordan Ferney from one of the best blogs ever Oh Happy Day?!

Ummm EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! With the Americas being you know, like, totes far away, it's not often we get party blog guests down here (don't they know Aussies love a party?!) so it was hip, hip, hooray as I shimmied my way down to the fabulous West Elm on Chapel for this one of a kind party.


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West Elm Melbourne Grand Opening Party

OMG. West Elm = homeware heaven. 

The smile on my face at the West Elm Melbourne grand opening party was pretty darn big as I chatted to Business in Heels Bayside Director Tarnya Cook over some delightful cocktails, amongst an amazingly beautiful setting. Chapel Street, South Yarra was my glorious work home for a few years and depending on whether you are my house or my bank account, it is unfortunate/fortunate that I am no longer within 100 metres of 464 Chapel.


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Renegade Collective Olsen Art Experience

Have you picked up a copy of Collective magazine yet?  

No - Walk out the door right now and pick up a copy. You won't regret it. (I'm not kidding... go now).

Ok, now we've sorted that out I can tell you about the amazing event myself and Rhiannon from The Wellbeing Web went to called the Olsen Art Experience.

 I like art in that it inspires me, makes me go ooooohhhh and actually has me still and silent (well, maybe not so silent) for a few moments while I appreciate its beauty so I was excited to go to this event and up my 'culture'. 


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The G.F. List Book Launch

Ladies, we've all been there. You meet a stud but the relationship (or lack thereof)  is a dud. Well after twelve years of being single, Sharyn Atkinson decided to turn her experiences into a book where even the chapter titles got me laughing... and very, very intrigued. Why hello 'Mr Stripper Electrician'.


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Eat Fat Be Lean Book Launch

Ok so my diet sucks. Basically at this point of time I am more concerned about feeding my baby than myself and I tend to hoover down whatever is close at hand or super easy to heat up in the microwave or oven. 

I always find it really interesting though to find out what the latest news is in superfoods, healthy eating and good ol' wholesome ingredients that pack a punch so I was excited to attend the launch of Eat Fat, Be Lean. This is the latest book by the gorgeous women who brought us Eat Fat, Be ThinAndi Lew and Natalie Kringoudis. The book takes you on a journey of sharing their favourite desserts and meals which are not only delicious but are guilt free and darn good for you! Ummm WIN!

The amazing and wonderful PR queen Helen Reizer from HRPR put on a fabulous event, hosted at the always warm and welcoming Palate Restaurant Bar in Greville Street, Prahran. It was so lovely to hang out with some amazing friends to recharge the entrepreneurial batteries including Jaquelyn Muller (Jaquelyn Muller Books), Briony Kennedy (Adorn Mineral Cosmetics) and Adele McConnell (Vegie Head). 

I love this book, it's full of helpful and useful information and for people like me who believe that food should be enjoyed and good fats do belong on your plate!