EHM considers all articles related to events for inclusion in our online content magazine. This includes travel, accommodation, design and style, products, fashion and beauty as we take a holistic view on the entrepreneurial journey and know from first-hand experience that events are much more than booking a room and ordering catering!

From luxurious venues, to nourishing food, to onsite accommodation, to attendee gifts, to the red lippy you put on before the meet and greet, EHM has you covered. We especially love a unique take on things and we love to shake up the status quo with some creative vision!  

Our target demographic are passionate, self-made business owners and entrepreneurs who want to run events with meaning. They are passionate about their work and are looking for new and exciting ways to share their information through in person events that are memorable, meaningful and life changing in the best possible way. Whether they are entrepreneurial rebels, sweet hearted coaches and consultants, motivating speakers or talented creatives, they want to make this a full (and fulfilling) experience for everyone in the room.  

We say NO to all things boring // lackluster // dull 

We say YES to all things fresh // inspiring // exciting

All submitted articles are reviewed and successful submissions are notified prior to publishing. Please adhere for the guidelines below to ensure a quick and easy review. For venue and product reviews, collaborations and advertising enquiries please go HERE


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All submitted images must be high res and original images by you, unless explicit permission for us to use the image/s has been provided by the photographer or business being featured and a full credit is given within your article. Photo changes may be made at our discretion.

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